Nite fishing at McNary is SLOW!!

Went down to McNary Friday nite, it was raning hard and the salmon were rolling every where, but no bite. We fished until around 10:00pm then we loaded the boat on the trailer and went to Ice Harbor. We fished until around 2:00am and only caught one steelhead. A friend that was with me had a nice salmon on for a while but it got under the floating wall and broke off. We were using the large LaseLure and only pulling out about 10 pulls on our reels and that seemed to be the ticket. I guess I’m older than I thought because being up that long and making the move from McNary to Ice Harbor kicked my butt,lol. But, “I will be back”, just have too make up my mind where to go and stay with that, I guess,lol. I think a person would do well to go to the Snake at this point though, there just aren’t enough steelhead coming over McNary to make it worth the trip. Maybe when the B run fish show up I’ll try down there again. The fish are in the Walla Walla now after the rain, so it’s worth a try. I caught one on Thursday and missed two more take downs. If you want to fish the back hole here in the park, you will need to pay the $5 access fee and park by the owners house and walk back to the hole. Good luck, Peace

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