Here we go!

We have the new site up and running so I thought I’d put up another fishing report, today is July 21, 2013. I talked to one of my fishing buddies on Friday, ole “Ron the Butcher”, he told me that he’s been talking to some of the guys that fish the junction and he was told that there are some nice fish being caught. One of the people he was talking to was a guy I call “Stiff legged Ron” and another guy we all call “Isie”. They have both caught a couple a peace. So, the fish are back, and biting better get your “purple shrimp” and come on out. The weekend will probably be busy every week now, but the first part of the week won’t be too bad, maybe! With this heat the mornings will be your best bet I would think, so I’ll see ya on the river. Good luck, and if you catch a nice fish bring it by the RV park and if I’m here I’ll take a picture and put it up on the site. If I get enough interest in a steelhead contest I’ll talk to the owner’s and see if we can do it this year. Peace

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