Had a Great Day on the River!

Went salmon fishing on the Snake yesterday with Dan Wallace and I learned a lot about fishin for salmon and also learned how to use a anchor retrieval system for fishing in the fast moving water. We had one real strong take early in the morning but it got off. That was the only fish we had on all day, but as far as I could tell we weren’t the only ones having a bad day. I saw two little fish caught early that looked to be small jacks. There was at least 100 boats out so we didn’t feel to bad about not catching any thing. The catfishing has been slow on the Walla Walla, the snow melt has cooled it down so much that the fish aren’t moving like they should be, but, anytime now they will cut lose and it will get real good real fast. So, if you need some fish for the freezer you better come on out. I’m going next week a couple of times so check back and I’ll let ya’ll know when the show up. Peace

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