Fishing Report

This is the first fishing report so I thought I would tell everyone a little history of my experience . I have fished the Wallula area for steelhead and the Walla Walla river for catfish for around 20 years. I learned how to fish for catfish in this area from the best, Don Huffman. He’s a guide that fishes this area in the spring, and then in the Wenatchee area for salmon and walleye. The first time I went with him, we caught 32 in 3 hours, the smallest was about 5 lbs, and the biggest was around 18 lbs. The steelhead fishing gets really good in this area around September and last until late December. The catfishing starts in late March and peaks in mid-June. This year has been a little different because the river has been running lower than normal. The water temps are in the high 60’s and the water is super clear. The females are on the nest and the males are here in large numbers. A person really needs a boat to get at them though because they aren’t moving around much now. I went with a friend two weeks ago and we caught 18 in about 3 hours, the males had scares all over them from fighting. And the two big females had scrapes on their tales where they had been working a nest. So, if your going to fish for cats this year, you better hurry. The steelhead season on the Columbia River started on Father’s Day. And I went down to Wallula Junction and caught a nice little bright steelie on purple shrimp. I hope as I learn to use this report I can keep everyone up on what’s happening in the area. I almost forgot, the small mouth bass fishing can be excellent in the early spring too. So, good luck with your fishing and keep coming back to check us out. The Pierce’s are working on getting some contest started for catfish and steelhead. I’ll keep everyone up on what’s up, and as I learn how to use the site I will start putting up some pic’s of my catches and others as well. Peace!


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