Fish on!

July 24,2013. Went fishing yesterday down at the Junction, we fished for perch for a while but the wind was too strong so Ken Wilkes aka “Rambo” and I went over to the rocks along the tracks and fished for steelhead for a couple of hours. Rambo had a nice take down, but it broke off at the leader. Bummer, he had just tied it up too, that’s what he gets for using that Wal-Mart line,lol. It would of been nice for him to take a fish home. There was three other people fishing, Isie, George from Finley and another guy I’ve never seen before, no one had anything on the bank ether. George said that Isie had caught 5 so far this year, I’m sure Isie is excited, he does real well this time of year. So, if you’ve got some free time and want to get after the steelhead come on out, you never know this time of year. After fishing for steelhead for about two hours we went and tried for perch again after the wind died down. We were trolling for awhile but my electric motor quit on me, so we anchored and fished for about an hour. I caught one little perch and used it for bait, then we caught 10 nice one’s.
I sent for the parts for my motor today so I’ll be back on the water by next week, I hope. George said that the walleye are biting down at the mouth of the Snake, so I’ll be down there next week. The steelhead should be stacking up there too, so I’ll give that a try some too. I heard that last year the steelhead were in there, and a lot of fish were caught using a bobber and shrimp, so it’s worth a try.
If someone wants to come stay at the park I can help them find their way around this area. You should call ahead for a space they can fill up pretty quick on weekends. I have firewood for sale too, it’s $10 for a wheel barrow full. During the peak run of steelhead we normally have lots of room because the kids are back in school, but still call ahead.
So, good luck with your fishing and keep coming back for the report. Peace

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