Fish on!

I went down to the Junction yesterday and fished for a couple of hours. I saw 10 other fisherman, and I saw four keepers go out while I was there. One guy got there about the same time I did and he was out of there with his two fish in about an hour. After he left I fished for another hour and got a take down, but sadly it was wild. I don’t get upset about catching wild fish though, the fight is why I fish anyway. It’s nice to take one home too, but if I could catch 10 wild a day I’d be happy. I did see one that looked to be around 12 lbs which was the biggest I’ve seen so far this year. The water was in good shape and the wind was out of the southwest which in my opinion is the best. I caught my fish on purple shrimp at about 6 foot. There was one other small keeper caught by a young man that said it was he’s first ever, so that was cool for him. It will only get better from here on out, the counts are getting better every week, so I’ll see ya’ll out on the bank. Good fishing and Peace.

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