Fish on!!

August 11,2013
Went down to the Junction yesterday in the morning, started fishing about 9:00. There was a nice keeper caught at around 9:30 on the point. Then I saw a couple wild ones caught by 10:30 and that was it while I was there, I didn’t even get a take down, I left at noon. There was about 20 fisherman, pretty crowded for this time of year, but I guess we’ll just have to get used to that since so many are fishing down there now. The snake opened at the same time as the columbia this year so I’m surpized more aren’t fishing there, from what I hear though no one has started up there yet.

August 12,2013
Went down again this morning, there was around the same amount of fisherman. Isie, caught two wild by around 10:00, then I caught a little keeper and I saw Mel’s son catch a nice keeper and they caught a wild one and lost one. I left at noon again today, I’ll probably go down again in the morning for a while, check back to see if there are any caught tomorrow. Peace

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