Dad Blame Barbless Hooks!!

Went down to the Junction today Sept. 16th, got there around 9:00am. There was only around 10 fisherman and I saw two little dinks caught by noon. Everyone left by noon so I stayed and fished “my rock”, didn’t have any luck until around 2:00, then FISH ON! But while I was trying to get my net ready it got off, barbless hooks are going to cost us a lot of nice fish. The fish was a nice male, it looked to be around 12 lbs, and it was a keeper,$%%^&^%$!! I had one more take down before I gave it up around 3:00. This cooler wearther should turn them on, and maybe the run will improve too, if not it looks to be a weak one for this year, at least for steelhead. There were a lot of big salmon rolling around, one went right by my rock that look to be around 40 lbs. I think I need to get my bigger stuff out and take at least one pole that can handle those type of fish, ya never know when one will take your shrimp, and with my noodle rod I’d have to break it off or get spooled.
I’m going down again this morning, I’ll write more tomorrow, so good luck with your fishing and Peace

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