Another slow day at the Junction!

I’m running behind on my post, but heres what I found on Saturday Sept. 21st. I went down around 9:00am and there was around 10 cars and trucks in the pit and on the road. I went down and fished the point for a couple of hours and I saw one wild one caught. There were a couple of small keeper’s caught before I got there, everyone left by noon and I fished for a couple more hours. I had one nice take down but missed the fish. I really think that while there are so many salmon in the river that the steelhead won’t be around. The numbers over Bonniville are way down for this time of year and I hope it’s because the river is still so hot. The big B-run fish haven’t shown up yet and I hope as the water cools down they will start coming. So, Good fishing and Peace!

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