Another GREAT DAY Fishing!!

I went do to the Junction yesterday Sept. 13th, which by the way was Friday the 13th, but it wasn’t a bad thing for me cause I caught a nice little steelie and also had a real nice one on for just a second, dad blame barbless hooks anyway,lol. No problem though, atleast I had a couple of chances, better than most of the guys that were fishing. Almost everyone left by 11:00, and then I caught my little keeper at around noon, had one more take down but the fish didn’t stay with it. All in all though not a bad day, I got to fish on “my” rock which doesn’t happen very often these days so that was nice. If I can fish that hole and fish it right, I can usually this time of year pull at least one out of there. But I ain’t gettin up at day light any more to get that spot, espically since someone will probably move in on me anyway. I’ve found over the years that if you fish any where along the bank down there and fish up close when the fish show up you’ll get some action. I tell the guys that like to fish way out in the river that if they will be patiant the fish will show up in close, but as sure as I’m sittin here they will throw way out and catch a dad blame fish, oh well to each his own I guess. I’m going down again on Monday, I’ll write something then, so good fishing and Peace
P.S. sorry for the missed spelled words in my post, I’m a fisherman not a teacher,lol. And I can’t find spell check on here to save my life,lol.

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